Match of Aesthetic and Logical

We're Great at Design, specialise at Effective Technology.

Make Your Website Achieves More Opportunities!

Let chew it over, is your website operating well now?

Do you FEEL STRESSED about website maintenance ?
Are you finding out the WAYS to design or manage your website well ?
Try to make the online coordination less tricky but ever FAILED?

You’ve been there? We fully understand your predicament, and you definitely need our skilful design and expertise. Come along with Hundred Kit Studio !

A Good Business Website is like a human’s brain, the Balance of the left and right to help us achieved the higher goals!

Powerful ideas,
brilliantly executed.

Right Brain controls plan organising, logistics and construction, making the website layout becomes flexible and responsible,  SEO friendly and simple clear backend operation. You can observe the target audiences, create more business activities through the website, more convenient for managing your website.

Show your brand advantages, manage it well.

The left brain controls creativity, aesthetics, and motion. A sharp and Rich Brand Image can leave a deep impression on your clients, easily separate other competitors. We work hard to build a fresh image website, make it unique, bring you more online/offline business opportunities.

Your Journal, Our Experiences

Intimately Know Your Request, Plan the Best Solution.

Need Help? Let discuss with us to discover the better solution!

Our Works

All our designs are elegant and modern. During the planning of our designs we put a great emphasis on the user experience, so that not only you but your customers will be amazed as well.
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